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Jim Sharman Director Biography

Jim Sharman Director Biography

James David Sharman, better known as Jim Sharman, is a director, writer and filmmaker who has been part of many of the greatest musicals and comedies of the last century.

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He was born in 1945, the 12th of March, and since then, he has developed a great love for filmmaking, making himself be remembered by many people thanks to his directorial performances in The Rocky Horror Picture Show and its follow-up Shock Treatment in 1975 and 1981 accordingly.

Today, Jim Sharman is not a working director, but was part of the rewriting of the Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again, in 2016, which was his latest work until today. Still, he is a great and interesting director who’s worth to know more about.

Early Wealthy Career & Life of Jim Sharman

He was born and educated in Sydney. Thanks to the work of his father, he was given a great first experience to what it means being an artist.

His father was part of a great circus, someone who used to travel a lot in his work, something that made Jim develop a desire to become a theatre fan – and from which he then started to study and graduated in 1966 from the National Institute of Dramatic Art as a producer in Sydney.

From his studies, he could make pretty good theatre plays that were known as being both experimental and original in their own way. By the time he was 21, he was already directing and producing Mozart’s, Shakespeare and many other famous artistsplaysin famous Australia’s theaters.

Jim Sharman Present Art Work

He was part of the creation of Jesuss  Superstar, a theatre play that was given a big screen released, as Jim Sharmanwell as the Rocky Horror Picture Show alongside Richard O’Brien which was also one of his biggest creations to this day.

This play was also brought to the big screen in 1975, winning an uncountable fan base as a cult film which is now today being remade and still on the big screen of many theatres around the world. He has also been part of other big creations like Hair in 1969, Shock Treatment (the sequel of Rocky Horror) in 1971 and A Dream Play, one of his lesser known works.

But his career as a director didn’t end there, he then became partner with a top-notch writer called Patrick White, who won a Nobel, giving big screen life to his creations like Season at Sarsaparilla, Netherwood, A Cheery Soul, Big Toys and a great production called The Night Crawler which came directly from a short story from White.

However, White was not the only one who gained Jim’s appreciation as a co-worker in this world. Brian Thomson was another great collaborator, whose Hair, Jesus Superstar and even other works like Shirley Thompson vs The Aliens and Rocky Horror and its sequel, were a great part of their collaboration.

Hire Jim Sharman – Working as a Freelance Director

After the previous productions, Jim decided to start working on his own with indie and more experimental work. Part of this experience was the creation of Lighthouse, an independent theatre company where he worked for some years.

After that, he decided to go on his own again, with a great production called Three Furies, part of the life of Francis Bacon, something that helped him won an award as one of the best theatre directors by the time.

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Then, he kept going with theatre, creating the reviving of the famous play Death in Venice from Benjamin Britten. The next year he was part of the new production of Cosi fan Tutte in Australia, and from which he also won great recognition.

His latest work include the creation of Rocky Horror Picture TV Show/Series: Let’s Do Time Warp Again, in which many younger actors reacted the scenes of the classic cult film which is nowadays still looked as one of the best creations both for its writing, directing and overall great characters.

Jim Sharman does not work today as a director due to his old age and great performances in his youth. But his legacy is a great part of what we know today as rock musicals, something for which we may own him entirely for.

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