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Richard O’Brien – “The Golden Pen” of Rocky Horror Show

Richard O’Brien – “The Golden Pen” of Rocky Horror Show

Richard Timothy O’Brien, a musician, writer and one of the biggest voices in the world when it comes to freedom of sexuality was born in 1972, the 25th of March. Today, he’s known for being a wonderful musical writer for many of his best works like Rocky Horror Show, Hair, and The Crystal Maze.

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Nonetheless, he’s still on the run when it comes to artistic work, making him one of the most long-lasting artists of his type who’s still on the search for a gratifying and productive life of endless fame.

But what really makes Richard O’Brien stand out from the crowd is not just his great talent when it comes to musicals and the like, but his strong view to sexuality as a free human necessity.

He’s supposed to be a transgender man who, according to himself is only “70% man and 30% woman”. This is something he always makes sure to mention on his movies, his freedom on sexuality, his struggle to make his deepest thoughts be heard about the freedom we must all portray and the shyness and control over ourselves that ends up being totally worthless.

Richard is a well-respected and talented man whose views on sexuality have been pretty much in all his works, especially his most famous – The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Richard O’Brien and Sexuality

When you watch his movie or live show Rocky Horror, you can see how sexually opened he is. He’s not afraid of showing people that often passed as weird kind of situations that he has lived his entire life. Nowadays, he thinks himself as a bisexual transgender man, someone who is not afraid of saying that he likes both women and men, and something he’s not afraid of portraying in his writings.

And that’s something for which he owes most of his fame, thanks to his weirdness (or we believe so) he’s has been able to create one of the most famous cult movies in the world. And for a good reason, he’s still known for a lot of people as a sign of why sexuality should be an opened theme nowadays, with no prejudices and with a more opened mind.

Exactly that is what he always celebrates, in both his life and his work. Being open about this has helped him become a better person, a better writer and thus, a better and more adequate transgender man.

This love for being opened was something heexcerpted as little as 7 years when according to him, he was asked by his older brother what he wanted to do when he was old and he said, with no remorse – “I want to be a fairy princess”. Since that times, he was apprehended and always treated as someone different, especially for his family which later started to accept him for what he is, and from which he started to know that sexuality needed to be more open than how it is, even today.

And even though it seems weird, he has actually been married three times already, to 3 different women and also has 3 children. But as a whole, he’s still the same transgender everyone sees in his feminine figure and innocent look of a typical musical writer.

No Academic abilities – First try as a Farmer – Richard O’Brien

He was born in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. However, when he was 10, he immigrated with his family Richard O'Briento New Zealand, where he studied high-school until he was 15. At this age, he decided to leave school because according to him “I had no academic abilities whatsoever.”

So he started to train as a farmer, before starting to discover the power of rock’n’roll and other drugs who made him today who he is.

But before his 18, Richard returned to England, where he worked as a builder and cleaning houses, weird enough for what he became only a few years later. By his love for farm work and the field, he learned to ride horses he then got a job as a horse rider in the movie Carry On in 1965. This made him realize what his real love was, acting and musicals.

He then started to work as an actor in Cambridge Theatre. This, alongside his love for movies, helped him to start writing and producing new acts and shows in the theater. Before anyone could ever expect it, he was already famous thanks to his powerful and singular Rocky Horror Picture Show, which started as a theater play, and, of course, then became one of the best movies of its kind.

This got him to the fame, as this theatre show lasted for 7 years on the same theatre it started and end up gaining him a wonderful opportunity in the big screen, which thanks to its weirdness, musical genius, sexually free and at the same time, new, original and totally opened to self-interpretation, made of his creation one of the most interesting in the world, even nowadays.

Richard O’Brien – Far from Greedy and Glorious Fame

Richard O’Brien, in contrast with the majority of film writers and creators, didn’t keep going for an ambitious and full of money & fame life. He, actually, started to live under the gaze of the society, not literally but didn’t actually keep going doing to create wonderful masterpieces like the Rocky Horror Show was for some people.

But still, his work as an actor didn’t stop there. He starred in many movies since, and TV shows as well, something that gave him the title of one of the most underrated actors of his time. Movies like Shock Treatment, Jubilee, Dark City, and Spice World alongside TV shows like Robin Hood, The Ink’s Thief and even the animated comedy Phineas &Ferb, he won himself a good spot on Hollywood and the screen of a lot of people.

This made of himself a pretty good actor whose work is still remade nowadays, and whose performances are part of what makes the world of movies be so good, especially because he was never an ambitious nor a famous showman, but more someone who wanted to make quality works according to what he always believed.

As one of the best lines of his famous Rocky Horror Picture Show says “Don’t dream it, be it”, Richard O’Brien has lived his life to the fullest, looking to perform as himself in everything he does and portray his deepest thoughts without fear of being criticized, together with his old co-workers. Nowadays, he still lives by that remark and with his still repeating theater business, no one can say otherwise, as he follows what he once said.

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