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The Rocky Horror Picture Show Live Show Review

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Live Show Review

The famous Rocky Horror Picture Show released in 1975 was so good that it deserved a remake, done by Fox in 2016, was a great show that made a lot of people watch a musical on TV. Coming from a seemingly perfect theatre play made by Richard O’Brien and Jim Sharman on 1973 which started in London, is now, 40 years later, coming back to the small screen to satisfy the good taste of many cult fans who liked the first movie, the play and now want a bigger, newer and more entertaining remake of the fabulous show.

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Rocky Horror Picture Show – Funny, Weird, Energetic & Original

Called The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do Time Warp Again, it is as unexpectedly funny, weird, energetic, rocky and most importantly – immensely original. But still, the production of the new show wasn’t all that original, as they used the same plot as the old one, it could still make a great impression on those unexpected viewers who haven’t seen the first original movie from 1975.

Rocky Horror Movie Scene

Just like the original, its story is based on Brad and Janet who are seeking refuge after a great storm stumbles in their way while they want to meet a friend of theirs. In this storm, the only refuge they find is a castle inhabited by Frank-N-Furter, a transsexual doctor, some of the weirdest transsexuals in the work who are having a party and the Doctor’s creating called Rocky Horror – which is the same plot as the first one

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“Don’t Dream it, be it” – The Motto Remains

And, as well as the first one did, the famous remark “Don’t dream it, be it” was also said. The musical had Rocky Horror Movie Mottoa little less electric performances and the audience was not as impressed as it was in the first years of this wonderful production. However, the hardest and most royal fans still felt a great feeling when they could see again their favorite musical again, now in TV.

But the TV show and live performances weren’t still as good as the original. Directed by Kenny Ortega, the same director from High School Musical, didn’t have the opportunity to prepare a great production as the first one was. This made him lose lots of opportunity on the creative side and made the movie be boring and sometimes even totally dull.

Also, the impact of the original story couldn’t get the same appraisal due to a modern and more developed society nowadays whose sexuality is totally identified and more open than years before. When this movie came out in 1975, the impact it made was bigger among teenagers and those who identified with the sexuality of it, especially because those were times where people were still less open and stuck on the same old prejudice type of thinking.

Reviews, Criticism & Conclusion on Rocky Horror Picture Show

As a whole, the movie was a excellent comeback. They still could get a lot of fans feel the same happiness they felt when it was first released years back. Yet, this is a firm result of why remaking films and musicals shouldn’t be recommended, as when things are first released, especially in ages so far apart, the impact and the feeling won’t, ever, be the same.

Many critics and reviewers gave this movie the name of disaster. However, this adaptation was still good enough to feel original and different. Not as good as the first one, and not as well-made, but still could get a lot of people laugh, sing and feel that energy that was characterized by such a wonderful play created more than 40 years ago by Richard O’Brien, who’s actually narrating this new production and working as the Criminologist Character.

So, if you are thinking of trying it, do not expect a top-notch movie or live tv show nowadays. Still, will be a great way of trying a new type of entertainment you may not be aware of.

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