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Cast of the RockyHorror Picture Show the Movie Musical

Cast of the RockyHorror Picture Show the Movie Musical

The Rocky Horror Picture Show was one of the most emblematic and original musicals of its time. Creating a big number of fans, and a great fan base as a cult classic, this tv show has been on cinemas and theaters for almost 30 years already and has gotten new remakes with old & new actors.

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However, there was nothing better for this show than its original cast, consisting of Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick, Richard O’Brien, Patricia Quinn and Nell Campbell, all whose great performances gave the musical the opportunity to make an impact in the industry.

That’s why we are going to about them today, about the actors who gave life to some of the most strange and original characters in musicals. Take a look to find out more about each one of these wonderful stars…

Tim Curry

Born on April 19th in 1946, Timothy James Curry is a wonderful actor who gave life Tim Curryto Frank-N-Furter in the famous Rocky Horror Picture Show. He’s known nowadays for being a versatile and talented actor from England whose has been in many great productions that gave him the opportunity to be known all around the world.

He has also portrayed many other characters in great movies and theatre plays like Travesties, The Pirates of Penzance, The rivals, Amadeus, The Threepenny Opera, Love for Love, My Favorite Year, Dalliance and many more.

His first famous appearance was in Hair, from which he then won the opportunity to be cast on the Rocky Horror Picture Show thanks to Jim Sharman and Richard O’Brien, the director and writer who saw great talent in him that was later given life in his portrayal of Frank-N-Furter. He has won many prizes for being a theatre actor and has been nominated for Tony Awards thanks to his great performances.

Susan Sarandon

Susan SarandonBorn as Susan Abigail Tomalin in New York, she’s known today as one of the best actresses from the last decade and even nowadays. She started as an actress thanks to his first husband, who she went with to an audition for Joe in 1970 and even when his husband who was a studied actor was rejected, she could get away with a major role in the movie.

In present, she owes almost all her fame to that role she got in the 70s, that later became the beginning of a wonderful career.

Five years later she was cast for the famous movie, arecreation of the live theatre play Rocky Horror Picture Show, in which she played Janet. But her career didn’t have many opportunities at this moment, as it wasn’t until almost 13 years later that she got her next role on a big movie called Bull Durham where she played Annie, a girl who travels from Rome to Los Angeles.

This is where she started to get better and more roles to play on the big screen, and from which she now makes everyone love her every time she appears.
Some years later, Sarandon was nominated for Academy Awards for Dead Man Walking in 1995 as the Best Actress and another academy nomination some years before for Louis Malle’s Atlantic City.

Barry Bostwick

Barry BostwickOne of the most energetic and confident actors in the industry, Barry Bostwick is an award-winning and powerful Broadway actor who is both a great musical and comedy character. He has been in many important productions when it comes to plays, from The Pirates OfPenzance to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, where he played Brad, the hero and incredibly funny main characters of a wonderful musical-comedy which is not a cult movie itself.

Barry has made of himself a great name in the industry, thanks to his great acting which made him be nominated for Tony Awards as well as Golden Globes which he won. Nowadays, he’s known for his great performances, energetic behavior, and over-the-top great comedy which is taken today by much younger and aspiring actors as a great legacy from which take advice.

Richard O’Brien

Richard O'BrienBorn in England, Richard O’Brien is mostly known for being a high-quality musical writer for many Broadway and London plays. However, what made him get famous was his famous 1970s creation, the Rocky Horror Picture Show alongside Jim Sharman who helped him get the play to the big screen.

He’s both a singer, actor, writer, and producer. However, he started as little as 12 years in the world of theatre thanks to his great curiosity on sexuality and the like. As a very sexually opened person, O’Brien has based his creations on this part of himself, making of himself a voice for a great fan base who found his work, mainly in Rocky Horror, a perfect way of liberating for the great amount of prejudice on the world against transsexuals and other types of sexually open individuals.

He has also been part of other great productions like Jesus Christ Superstar, The Unseen Hand and They Came from Denton High. But what really sets him apart from other actors and writers is his love for the art and notambitious personality.

Patricia Quinn

Patricia QuinnBorn in Belfast, Ireland, Patricia Quinn was known for being Magenta in the wonderful Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1975. He played this role and was later not recognized for other roles, but still gave a great performance that made her one of the most underrated actresses of the year.

Thanks to her performance on Rocky Horror, she won great appreciation from a lot of people around the world and even helped her to impulse her career a little on the theatre and keep going with a versatile and unique style only Patricia Quinn could handle at the moment.

Nell Campbell

Nell CampbellBorn in Australia, Nell Campbell is an actress, comedian and stage performer who’s mostly known for her portrayal of a main character in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, from which she gained more attention as a stage actress.

But this happened all after she debuted as a tap dancer for Martin Sharp in 1970, where she then decided to become a stage actress from where Jim Sharman discovered and offered her the opportunity to lead in Rocky Horror.

After that, she became a great actress and a wonderful singer. But she decided to keep doing theatre until more and better roles came her way, like Shock Treatment, the sequel to Rocky Horror and other movies and documentaries like Pink Floyd: The Wall. However, she hasn’t stopped since, working in many different movies and plays, and even becoming a great writer just like her father.

Peter Hinwood

Peter HinwoodMostly known for his characterization of Rocky Horror in Rocky Horror Picture Show, Peter Hinwood was a very talented actor whose short career was immensely unexpected and for which he’s known for not taking such a great opportunity.

But this was due to his inexistent acting experience and low or no talent at all when it comes to singing. This made him shy away from the headlights in order to later become an antique dealer.

It was known that the singer who sang most of his on-stage songs in Rocky Horror was Trevor White, someone who had the necessary talent but not the physique to be in the place of Peter Hinwood when portraying Rocky Horror in this fantastic and cult movie classic we still can watch today in cinemas.

Jonathan Adams

Jonathan AdamsThe man who played Dr. Everett Scott in Rocky Horror Picture Show, someone who was supposed to a painter but was given the opportunity to perform in the wonderful play from Richard O’Brien, later became an on-going actor for London West End theatre. He was born in England and stayed there until today.

Just like Peter Hinwood did, he later disappeared from the public and became a medic, something totally unexpected for a man of his type. However, he’s still believed to have played many other stage plays.


Meat Loaf

Meat LoafKnown for playing many different roles in musicals and comedies from the 60s and 70s, Meat Loaf is a great actor who has also worked in many other big productions in the industry.

The job that gave him popularity as an actor was in The Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1975 where he played Eddie, the man who was used for one of the characters to give life to the unexpectedly handsome monster in the movie.

But this wasn’t his first job, as he also portrayed other great characters in productions like Hair, As You Like It and worked on other films like The Squeeze in 1987 and Out of Bounds in 1986.

Charles Gray

Charles GrayKnown for being a great actor on stage and on the big screen, Charles Gray made of himself a pretty big name in the industry thanks to his talent, effortless comedic performances and a wonderful smile that captivated millions of people in the world.

He’s known for being part of the wonderful production Rocky Horror picture Show, where he gave the voice to the narrator or Criminologist who was never on the screen.

However, his latest works were the one that gave him popularity like Harry and Harriet, Shock Treatment and multiple other TV Series he played in.

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