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The Rocky Horror Picture TV Show (1975) – Adaptation

The Rocky Horror Picture TV Show (1975) – Adaptation

One of the best cult movies in the world, the Rocky Horror Picture Show has been on the TVs and theaters for longer than any other movie, especially in the same genre. Written by Richard O’Brien for a live musical theater show, it was given an opportunity in the big screen in 1975 thanks to Jim Sharman, its director.

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Today, it is one of the most famous musical/comedy in the world, a movie that portrays both an honor and satiric to science fiction movies, horror and most black & white productions from RKO. This movie made so much of an impact that even nowadays it’s being remade, with, of course, newest and younger actors, but the same old plot and the same old feeling.

That’s why in 2005 it was considered one of the

“most culturally, historic, and statically significant movies of all times”

, by the United States Congress Library and was selected for preservation by the National Film Registry, as one of the best (overall) films of the world.

What was Rocky Horror all About?

The story of this movie is neither a simple nora straightforward or even an rocky horror tv series postereasy-to-follow plot, however, it is still very interesting if you could say that. It is narrated by a Criminologist, who tells the story of Brad Majors and Janet Weiss, who after Brad proposes to Janet, they go looking for his friend Dr. Everett Scott.

On the road, Brad’s car gets broken, so they start looking for help and end up on a castle, a nearby castle which seems like the perfect spot to look for help (seriously). Here, they are received by Riff Raff, the butler, his sister Magenta and a groupie called Columbia and, if it weren’t enough – eighteen Transylvanians who are dancing to Time Warp (a traditional dance on the planet Transexual from where they come from).

As you see, the story is simple, nothing to worry about, nothing that would get your nerves picked or make you cry. Until Dr. Frank-N-Furter (Frankenstein lookalike) an exotic and transsexual scientist is presented. Here, Dr. Frank takes to opportunity to present his creation, a wonderful, muscular, attractive and well-made man called Rocky Horror.

Then, another man is presented, as the lover of Columbia and donor of half Rocky Horror’s brain, Eddie. But Eddie is not welcomed, and Frank looking to cover up his mystery (something we don’t know yet) gets Eddie cornered and killed him. In the funniest, original and most entertaining way we could think.

But Brad and Janet are not aware of what’s happening. So Frank takes them to their rooms, apart from each other because he has been planning a very uncomfortable but singular masterplan, weird enough to make anyone cringe.

While both visitors of the castle, Brad and Janet, are in separate rooms, Frank takes his time to go to Janet’s and get her to have sex with him – but disguised as Brad. Janet discovered it wasn’t Brad, but still, Frank convinced her with a very strange statement to do it and they end up having sex.

However, this is not all, as if this movie couldn’t get weirder, Frank then tried to do the same with Brad, disguising as Janet in the funniest way he could have done, something we have to thank this movie for. And even though Brad finds out it is not Janet either – they actually end up having sex as well, as if the level of weirdness wasn’t enough already.

But this craziness and over-the-top funny moments keep going. Dr. Scott, who Eddie and Janet were looking for, gets to the castle in search of his nephew Eddie (who Frank killed). But as Scott is an OVNI investigator, and he has a connection with Brad and Janet, Frank starts to lose his trust towards them both. Here, Janet is surprised having sex with Rocky (Frank’s creation) but as they were soon going to have dinner – it gets forgotten and they end up in the dining room.

Here, on the dining table, there’s everyone, from Columbia to Janet, Rocky and even Frank himself alongside Dr. Scott who he distrusts. Taking the opportunity to surprise everyone, Frank shows the corpse of Eddie to all of them, making Janet scared and looking for refuge in the arms of Rocky, where everything starts to look like a latin novel and Frank ends up making statues of Brad, Dr. Scott, Janet, Columbia and even Rocky.

Here, they all are obliged to participate in a cabaret spectacle dressed as transsexuals, finishing kissing each other on a pool. Here, Riff Raff and Magenta (Transylvanians from Transexual planet) disrupt the party and as they see everyone disguised as they do they decide to kill everyone, from Columbia to Frank and Rocky – as they were the bad ones for them. Brad, Dr. Scott, and Janet are freed and the Transylvanians leave the castle flying to their planet.

Here is where the movie ends, and everyone, especially those easily distracted and impressed would be totally lost. The Criminologist who’s telling the story ends up saying that all humans are just insects who crawl in the surface of the planet. Like saying that humans are just part of a bigger world – or that they are just useless. However, we will never know.

The Cast of the Movie & the Acting

cast of the tv series

In the movie, we can see pretty good actors and some of them (not known at the moment) later go into bigger roles thanks to their great performances here, even though it was more like a parody than a real movie to portray their professional acting skills.

Dr. Frank was portrayed by Tim Curry who we all know as a great actor without having to make an effort. Then, in the boots of Janet, there was Susan Sarandon, a masterclass, top-notch, superb actress who, even in the most stupid musicals, comedies or dramas, has always given her best.

Then there is Barry Bostwick who portrayed Brad, the hero with a great performance and Patricia Quinn in the role of Magenta and Columbia portrayed by Nell Campbell (trans). Then, as you already know, there is Dr. Everett Scott portrayed by Jonathan Adams who was always given great performances and Meat Loaf, someone we didn’t know at the moment, but then gained a name for himself, doing Eddie’s character.

And finally, we have the voice of one of the weirdest and most uninteresting but singular narrators – Charles Gray doing the Criminologist who’s only job is to narrate this awesomely weird story.

The movie as a whole didn’t demand too much from the actors. This said, the roles were still nailed by every one of these actors who gave interesting performances which went very well with how this movie was adapted from the live show and what the majority of viewers were expecting.

Most people who weren’t captivated by the acting were the same who were expecting the same level of improvisation than in most off live tv series – with almost impossible for that level of production. But still, no one could actually say anything bad about that, as this movie wasn’t a really good way to portray drama skills more than just comedy, musical and improvisation abilities for such a weird and out-of-the-normal story.

But what really made people get attracted by most of the cast was the singing, with a popular style at the moment, the musical part of this movie made each of these actors win the heart of most viewers. Something never seen before, made people feel totally happy thanks to these performances that out-of-nowhere, could captivate thousands of young viewers.

A Cult Tv Show – Movie Adaptation to be Remembered

As you see, the movie is not normal, simple or in any way – easy to digest. Rocky Horror Movie MottoHowever, the movie was good enough to make itself one of the biggest and most extremely defended cult movies for many people.

Those who liked this movie actually made it one of the biggest at the time, something that impressed many critics who were disgusted by how weird this movie was. Yet, there were critics who actually liked it, critics who with the most sincere and understandable remarks, made this movie have more fame than everyone could’ve thought of.

Now, those who remembered it, known that this movie was a real classic at the first moment of viewing. Not like any other movie, it attracted mainly younger viewers, gays, trans, and overall, unusual crowd who were all totally impressed by how funny and different this movie was.

And as this movie made great musical performances, the movie got itself to be one of the best of its kind. When other movies of the same type (not really) Monty Python’s and Grease were being released, there was nothing alike at the moment. So, if you are someone who’s in search of a great movie, with music, rock, teenage moves, adult moves, weird plot to the point of incomprehensible and a great sense of humor – this movie is what you need.

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